Frog4OS Sneak Peak

As promised, here is a quick sneak peak at Frog4OS.

First a little background.  We built a completely separate development team here at Frog UK back in 2011 and have been secretly working on this project.  This new version already has more than 6 man years of development on it, and this is just the beginning.  As you’ll know from my other blog posts, we are currently hiring developers at Frog as quickly as we can find them.

This is only a two minute video and all I’m showing you is how applications run in Frog4OS and how you upload files.  If you want to find out more (and maybe get a proper demo ;) then you’ll need to come to our conference on June 19!  I’ll also be outlining Frog’s bigger vision for the future, and there will be some surprises!  Click here to find out more about our conference, hope to see you there!

I recorded this in a low resolution so you can see it more easily in YouTube, obviously it looks loads better on a screen with more pixels on it!

I suggest you change the quality to 720p and make it full screen for best silky smooth viewing…

Orange Mobile Making My Life a Misery


Orange tell me that they think this is delivering service.

I bought the mobile from them in good faith, but unfortunately it doesn’t get signal in two places.  My office and my home.

I’ve purchased 2 x signal boosters (about £400 each) in the office, but unfortunately the signal wasn’t strong enough to boost, I’m guessing – either way, they had no impact.

I called Orange.  Told them that I bought the phone in good faith and they sold it in good faith, just unfortunate that it didn’t work.  I offered to send them the money for the ‘phone (they did, after all subsidise it) and I was going to merrily transfer my account to another provider.  No harm done.

A no go apparently.  I then suggested, okay.  Let me take the number off it and put it on another ‘phone and I’ll give this ‘phone to someone else that doesn’t work in the same place as me.  Seemed fair to me, I continue to pay their monthly charge.  Everyone’s a winner.

Three months later I’ve basically given up.  Orange are basically telling me to sod off.  Because I’ve used the ‘phone a lot (which I have, I’m permanently attached to it – everywhere except the office, obviously) they are refusing to do anything.

What is their resolution, you ask.

The only option they are prepared to consider to release my ‘phone number back to me is that I buy out the entire contract (well over £1,000) and they then stop all service.  So in essence, my number’s being held to ransom and the only way out is to pay in full for a service that they are then going to take away from me.

Rest assured that I won’t be using Orange ever again personally, nor will I consider them for our business.

It isn’t the fact that there were issues that bothered me, it’s the way they’ve treated me following that.

I will very shortly be paying this charge.  Apologies to all of you that have been cut off while talking to me over the last three months, or have been unable to get hold of me.

Frog – The World’s first Learning Platform Designed for Tablets

Lots of things are changing at Frog at the moment. I’ve been dying to tell everyone about it, but we’ve had to keep quiet about much of it. Even now, there are only a few thinks I can leak out. I’ll put things into a series of blog posts as and when I’m able to talk about them.

For those that aren’t already aware, Frog recently won the contract to supply a Learning Platform to all 10,000 schools in Malaysia.  Because the technical landscape in Malaysia is slightly different than in the UK, we’ve built a completely new interface to Frog. This latest version of Frog is now already being rolled out to 4 million students and 2 millions parents.

We’ve also been listening carefully to what you’ve been telling us over the last couple of years, and obviously we’ve been learning how we could have done things better over the last 12 years.  While we’ve been developing this new release for Malaysia we’ve made sure that everything we’re learning is going into this release for the UK, too, because if you have a full maintenance agreement with Frog you will be be receiving this upgrade later on this year.  There are still a few bits and pieces we need to do to integrate some elements back in to Frog 3.

Please be assured that we haven’t forgotten about Frog 3.  I’ll be blogging about current developments here too, very shortly.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved with the latest version of Frog, which we’ve called Frog4OS (verbally, FrogOS.)

Announcing the world’s first Learning Platform designed specifically for tablet devices (imagine yourself sat in front of your TV with a glass of wine and creating tomorrows learning resources on your iPad, or Android tablet.) Most importantly, this isn’t just a mobile interface, this is a complete application including content creation, that will run on mobile devices – you can even drag and drop widgets in it.  And don’t worry, your Frog 3 built content will run seamlessly inside Frog4OS.

There are loads of other advancements in Frog4OS, too, but I’ll pass those along in a few short sharp blog posts.  I’m sure you all have loads of questions, please fire them at this blog and not my mobile ;)

Folks, this is the beginning of something much, much bigger.  This is just the first step on our future journey.  Frog is about to revolutionise education in a number of different ways.  As ever, thank you to all of our customers that helped us to get here and we look forward to changing lives with you over the next few years.

Here’s a quick video that our friends over in Malaysia created: