Congratulations Carl!

A slightly belated congratulations to Carl and Emma Crowther on the birth of their baby daughter, Macey Leigh Crowther.  She was born at 12:30pm on 20 July (3 weeks early) with a full head of hair, weighing in at 6lb & 6oz.

Many of you will have spoken to or met Carl, he’s the main man when it comes to installing and configuring Frog in your schools.

Macey, thankfully, is much better looking than Carl ;0)


Somehow I think this might start some kind of trend…..

A day in the life of Andy B

I noticed a cool post by Andy B, one of our designers, in this edition of Frog News, which I thought I’d share with you:

Tell us about your role…

As a designer at Frog, my main role is a combination of producing (super-awesome!) initial concept designs for a client and also building the platforms themselves.

We will also conduct build tests and work on internal projects such as producing new design concepts for widgets or working with the development team on product enhancements.

Andy B

To read the whole thing, click on

Frog Collector’s Item Found

Andy in the office found a still sealed Frog collectors item at home last night.  An original Frog polo shirt (we had 200 made during the first 3 years of Frog):

Original Frog Shirt

Notice the original Frog logo.  Something I did by grabbing a frog from an image library (cost £80 at the time, which was a fortune to me), cleaning the background off it with Photoshop, and then inverting the colour.  For some reason the Frog logo was luminous in nightclubs – we used to get people asking to buy them from us!

This is probably the ONLY still wrapped original Frog shirt in existence.  I don’t imagine anyone else cares much, but I’m jealous….

The shirt also answers a much asked question, what does FROG stand for?

Frog stands for