Bowers & Wilkins – Fantastic Customer Service Experience

I’ve recently had a fantastic customer service experience that I felt compelled to pass on.

I bought a Bowers & Wilkins iPod Dock (Zeppelin) a little more tan 2 years ago.  It developed a loud buzzing noise whenever I plugged my iPhone in.

I called their support line and my two year warranty had expired.  They said this made no difference, and they’d sort it out any way.

Because I’d thrown the box away a long time ago, they posted a new box to me to pack the unit in, along with instructions on how to send it back to them by a courier, paid for by them.

I received e-mails at every point of the process, box arrived, engineer working on it, engineer completed, box posted back to me.

It’s been on the floor for a couple of days and I’ve just unpacked it, to find that they’ve also replaced the the cloth cover on the outside and possibly some other external parts.  It looks like it did when I bought it.

They  also reinstated a new two year warranty.

I’m going to include below a few lines from their letter:

“On behalf of Bowers & Wilkins, please accept our apology for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of having to return your Zeppelin for repair.

We have repaired your unit without charge and have taken the opportunity to replace external parts, where possible, which might have exhibited signs of wear and tear, again at no cost to you.

At Bower & Wilkins we take great pride in building superior products. […] In this instance our product did not live up to the highest standards of excellence you should expect from us, and we sincerely regret this.

We greatly appreciate the faith you placed in Bowers & Wilkins when you purchased your Zeppelin.  As a small token of our gratitude, we are renewing this products two-year warranty, effective from the date of this letter.  […]”

Great service.  Great communication.  Great letter.

Any Froggies reading this: this is the kind of service and communication we are aiming for.