Awesome christmas card came into Frog today…

Thank you Simon, from the Radclyffe School, this is awesome !


Can you please circulate amongst all of your wonderful colleagues at Frog HQ – Some of whom we work with on a regular basis but don’t have an email address for!

Thank you all for your wonderful help, advice and continued support! Oh and all the awesome freebies too!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Simon and the VTLE Team @ The Radclyffe School J

Meet your Product Managers

With a 74 strong development team, we’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep this animal fed with the right things.  So we’ve made a significant investment into a dedicated product management team of 5 people.

These people are the link between you and the software development team.  More than that, we now no longer have an overall development manager, the development team has been broken in to 7 separate teams and these teams now report directly into the product managers.  We’ve essentially built 7 small, nimble development teams instead of one big and unwieldy one.  Many of you may have already noticed the benefits of this, we certainly have, we’re building things loads faster!

Graham Thorpe (Frog Learn and Frog Developer Platform)

Graham was a customer of Frog before he joined us and so his approach is very much based on the schools point of view. He regularly meets customers through our Meet, Share and learn events to keep himself abreast of what the teachers, techies and partner need from Frog.

Askhar Ali (Frog Learn)

Ashkar works alongside Graham on Frog Learn, with a particular focus around the modules within Frog Learn, such as Frog Feedback and Frog Parent.

Ramsey Al-Chalaby (Frog Progress)
RamseyRamsey is currently looking after the new Frog Progress product, a brand new development set to launch in early 2015.

All these gentlemen are managed by our two Product Directors, Mike Wilkinson and Steve Holt, who both have a very hands on role, working directly with customers and defining the products that we build.  Both Mike and Steve are members of the Frog Board and have a huge amount of influence over the business.

Mike Wilkinson (Frog Learn) and Steve Holt (Frog Play and Frog Progress)

Our team can be reached directly on 01422-250800, or via their e-mail addresses (

Frog Juice…

Someone sent me this the other day…

LIMA, Peru — Frogs from Peru’s Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive.

Frog JuiceTo make the mix, which is sold in Peru’s Andes and also at some stands in its capital Lima, vendor Maria Elena Cruz grabs a frog from a small aquarium then kills it by beating it on the counter of her stand.

She peels off the skin and drops it into a blender with carrots, the Peruvian maca root and honey.

Full article here:

On the first day of Christmas Frog sent to me…

Every day for the next 12 days will be giving away a free classroom resource or piece of content to schools as early Christmas gifts. We are working alongside some amazing partners including Education City, Britannica and Night Zoo Keeper to name a few.

The link to keep an eye on is –

On the first day of Christmas, Frog sent to me...