Widgets from the North of England

There appears to have been some confusion around the widgets that I’ve been putting up here in the last few weeks.  These are not built by Frog, they are built by schools using Frog.  They are not part of the product, but things that are being created all over the country by you guys!

And on that note, the folks at Cramlington have some of their own widgets, below.  These have been built by Chris allen, Caroline Forster and Graham Quince, well done folks!  As a side note, Cramlington are enjoying 5,000 unique visitors, and around 50,000 page views per day, about 5 times more than a typical Frog school!

In the first video they have an Activity Timer, PEEL Dice, Active Listening, Word Cloud, Traffic Lights, Thermometer, and a simple Testing engine.

The second video shows a Random Name Selector, used to support their Hands Down Assessment for Learning Policy.  The students names are coming directly from their MIS, which they’re getting at through the Frog API.

And in case anyone’s interested, they’ve even provided the code here