Frog Team go to HackManchester

Some of our developers headed off to HackManchester this weekend.  Starting at 12 noon on Saturday a small team were building a project start to finish over 24 hours finishing mid-day on Sunday.

Team Frog
Team Frogheart, Victoria Baron, Sam Warren, Lee Mills (in spirit) and Luke Bonaccorsi

I’m led to believe that Lee Mills didn’t make it because he needed to come in to Frog over the weekend to deal with the release we’re preparing, and Sam spent until 3am on Sunday trying to sort out the server, which was playing up.  And they arrived with two broken laptops and had to nip in to work to borrow a couple of working PCs. So all in all, a total disaster.

There’s a video of this total sham below:

Sport for Freedom – Help stop human trafficking and modern slavery now

The Sport for Freedom team have been cycling all over England over the past few days, drawing attention to the global problem of human trafficking and modern slavery.  They will be ending up in the London Olympic Park on Anti-Slavery Day, Saturday 18 October.Sport for Freedom

Please take a look at the Sport for Freedom site and help spread the word.  The sooner we do something about this the better.

Frog QA Framework…

The boys designing the new QA framework for all the various systems that we interoperate with nowadays.

QA Framework

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged for ages.  And I know this isn’t the most exciting thing I could show you that we’ve been up to over the past couple of years, but it’s a start !