Frog is a Community

We were one of the keynotes at the Academies Technology and Procurement show at Earls Court in London yesterday, expertly chaired by Professor Stephen Heppell.

Video below is an outtake that explains what Frog in the UK is all about at the moment; sharing the great work that our schools are doing, and saving loads of money and teacher/staff time while we’re doing it.  Please forgive the distant iPhone videoing!

We think that this is a really exciting vision, and the number of people that came to speak to us afterwards tells us that you do, too.

It’s on YouTube, so please don’t hold me accountable for what nonsense appears after it’s finished – I’m not sure how it works, but I suspect that you only have yourself to blame!

New Frog Release, “Newton” coming

Sir_Isaac_Newton_by_Sir_Godfrey_Kneller,_BtNew reports and contextual data in Progress, loads of improvements to assignments, including integration with the student calendar, awesome (genuinely awesome) Google integration, and a whole set of learning content (videos) now in Frog Play, along with loads of other bits and pieces.

Click below to get a proper look at what’s coming:

Release Guide – Newton V7.1

Powerpuff Frog

A few schools have started playing with the new Frog Code stuff.  As you probably know, Frog has been built in a particularly funky way that allows you to access or change pretty much any aspect of it.

A few schools have started redesigning the usually quite boring black bar across the top of the screen.  Here’s the weirdest so far:


If you want to see how to do this kind of thing yourself, then check out the Frog Forums here.  As always, thank you very much to everyone that’s in there sharing what you’ve learned with others.

Frog at BETT 2016

Some big things for us to talk about at BETT this year.

  1. Frog Code is born, making Frog Learn by far the most powerful learning platform available anywhere.  If you’re the kind of person that likes to push the boundaries then ask someone on our stand to show you the Frog Code Integrated Development Environment.  I’m saying no more – it’s a genuine game changer…
  2. Frog Progress is changing the way assessment is done, teaching is done and learning is done.  And we’re now starting to see comments in Ofsted reports that agree with us.  We are still at the beginning of this journey but the opportunity not just on the front lines of it.

As you know Frog have won Company of the Year twice in the past three years, and this year we’re up for another 3 BETT awards.  To be honest, I’m not expecting us to win Company of the Year again, they can’t keep giving it to the same company, can they?  But hopefully we’ll walk away with another trophy for our cabinet.

If you’re already part of the Frog family then please come along to La Barrique Wine Bar and Café near the west entrance to ExCel.  We’ll be there from 11am until 4pm and there will be a free lunch for all our customers. You can book appointments, chat to schools or Frog experts and listen to some short customer presentations. Find out more here.

And there’s more!  Friday has become Frog Friday.  We have speaker sessions from both Alistair Smith and Mick Walker. Alistair will be presenting on Change Management and the seven steps of change, and Mick Walker is talking about Life After Levels, giving some much needed  advice on how to deal with the removal of national attainment levels and putting assessment back at the heart of teaching and learning. Then Alistair rounds up Frog Friday with his talk on World Class Education. He defines what world class education is and how it can be achieved – he even sings a bit of Les Miserables. It’ll be an awesome day so if you’re at Bett make sure you stick around for Frog Friday.

And we’ve taken a bit of a gamble with the stand this year.  I’m told it’s being made by the same people that did Lady Gaga’s stand and it’ll be very different to anything you’ve seen at Bett before; and we all get to find our next week whether it looks awesome, or just plain silly…

See you at stand D140 – here’s a sneaky peak…


Frog shortlisted for 3 BETT awards again!

Bett Awards 2016

I believe there were more entries than ever before this year, so we feel really proud to have been shortlisted for all the categories that we entered.

Thank you to each and every one of you at Frog for your hard work again this year.  The vision we’ve held for the past few years is now starting to come to fruition and we have a few very exciting years ahead of us!

The awards we’ve been shortlisted for are:

  1. ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – Frog Progress
  2. Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources – with our partners, The National Theatre
  3. ICT Company of the Year (over £3m turnover)

I’m really looking forward to the awards, and I hope that the fact we’ve won Company of the Year twice in the last three years isn’t held against us!

Frog Forums getting jiggy

Forgive the constant blogs recently, but I’m excited about what’s going on in our new Community Forum.  It’s been live for a while but has suddenly started getting a lot more attention (thanks to Graham Quince and the new Frog Code stuff)

There were 67 people online at the same time today (not sure how to find out how many people are logging in every day)

If you want to take a look yourself, head off to: and check out the forums.

Frog Code rules!


I also understand there was a “meet, share and learn” in London yesterday and someone there shouted out asking “when can we have a gallery widget”?

Graham responded with, “funnily enough I built one of those using Frog Code last week”.  Two schools have since got his bit of code and are now running it on their Frog box. No devs required!

Did I mention that Frog Code rocks?!

Schools racing ahead with Frog Code already!

We’ve spun a new Frog Forum up recently and I wanted to show you a link to one specific post where someone wanted to embed a PDF into a site and has received loads of responses of how to achieve this, many using Frog Code to achieve it.

Not suggesting you read it all but it’s worth a scroll down to see just how sophisticated some schools are already.

Thank you to John, Eric and everyone else that responded to this and many other posts

Personally, I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to see what you start doing once you start tinkering with the full Frog APIs, and the Frog Code IDE that’s nearly with you!