Frog at BETT 2016

Some big things for us to talk about at BETT this year.

  1. Frog Code is born, making Frog Learn by far the most powerful learning platform available anywhere.  If you’re the kind of person that likes to push the boundaries then ask someone on our stand to show you the Frog Code Integrated Development Environment.  I’m saying no more – it’s a genuine game changer…
  2. Frog Progress is changing the way assessment is done, teaching is done and learning is done.  And we’re now starting to see comments in Ofsted reports that agree with us.  We are still at the beginning of this journey but the opportunity not just on the front lines of it.

As you know Frog have won Company of the Year twice in the past three years, and this year we’re up for another 3 BETT awards.  To be honest, I’m not expecting us to win Company of the Year again, they can’t keep giving it to the same company, can they?  But hopefully we’ll walk away with another trophy for our cabinet.

If you’re already part of the Frog family then please come along to La Barrique Wine Bar and Café near the west entrance to ExCel.  We’ll be there from 11am until 4pm and there will be a free lunch for all our customers. You can book appointments, chat to schools or Frog experts and listen to some short customer presentations. Find out more here.

And there’s more!  Friday has become Frog Friday.  We have speaker sessions from both Alistair Smith and Mick Walker. Alistair will be presenting on Change Management and the seven steps of change, and Mick Walker is talking about Life After Levels, giving some much needed  advice on how to deal with the removal of national attainment levels and putting assessment back at the heart of teaching and learning. Then Alistair rounds up Frog Friday with his talk on World Class Education. He defines what world class education is and how it can be achieved – he even sings a bit of Les Miserables. It’ll be an awesome day so if you’re at Bett make sure you stick around for Frog Friday.

And we’ve taken a bit of a gamble with the stand this year.  I’m told it’s being made by the same people that did Lady Gaga’s stand and it’ll be very different to anything you’ve seen at Bett before; and we all get to find our next week whether it looks awesome, or just plain silly…

See you at stand D140 – here’s a sneaky peak…