Cool School Community Site

Regents Park, along with their 5 feeder primary schools will soon have a shiny new community site, specifically to provide a shop window for community services that are offered by the schools, and to allow people in the community (parents, carers, etc.) have easy access to information on services that can help support them to raise and care for their children.

A secure login area in the site allows primary, secondary, and head teachers to use a collaborative area for resource development and general communication within and between the schools.

Here’s a piccy (click on it to see a bigger version):

It’s only a first draft, so it might look different by the time it’s finished, but I thought it was an interesting development worth showing off.

First Frog Primary Bespoke Skin

Our guys have just finished the first draft of the very first primary school bespoke skin we’ve ever done.  Most primary schools are just taking standard Frog Primary with the dozen or so default skins that it has in it, but this school specifically wanted their Learning Platform to look exactly like their existing website:

I thought I’d let you have a look at it:

Wicked D&T Site

Our Projects and Design team have done some cool stuff for Rastrick High School and their Design & Technology (DT) collaborative exhibition.  You can take a peek at

This is the third year the project has run – the site shows off students’ D&T work from all the Calderdale secondary schools and is open to the public. Visitors can view students’ work by key stage, including a photo and description of what the student has created.  Visitors can then post comments against each exhibit and then vote on their favourite work from each key stage.

The project is live for two weeks, and ends with the exhibits who have the most votes getting a prize.

A really strong way of engaging the kids, their parents, and creating competition between a number of schools, which is bound to increase motivation (although I know nowadays competition isn’t supposed to be allowed until you leave school ;0)