What happens to Frog UK?

I’ve already had quite a few people ask what this means for the UK.

I understand the nervousness, I have seen many businesses, some in our field, move abroad and damage their UK operations.  We have taken a number of measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Primarily, we have invested heavily into a Joint Venture business in Malaysia that is wholly responsible for the roll out of Frog to these schools.  We are not managing this from the UK.  This will not affect our day to day operations.

Kate Heal, our Operations Director, has taken a leading role in that Joint Venture, and I’m confident that she will do a fantastic job over in sunny Malaysia.

With Kate having moved on, I am currently looking for someone to help me at Frog Towers.  Do you believe that you could be the person to help us push Frog to the next level?

To try to put this into perspective, there are two separate parts to the Frog business, one is a “software house”, and the other an “education service provider”.

From the “software house” point of view we are investing in two areas immediately:

  1. Additional staff to accelerate the day to day development of Frog, patch releases, “wish list” development
  2. Major new developments.  On the one hand you can expect big things in mobile and tablet technology, and more focus on education specific applications.  On the other hand, expect a number of big surprises.


From the “education service provider” point of view:

  1. Five more people have already joined our support desk, and we’re still looking for more.  Are you interested?
  2. As most of you know, we recently introduced a coaching team, focussed on building up the services available to schools, with a focus on culture change rather than technology.
  3. There have been significant improvements in the support process, particularly around how often we are able to update the software.  Due to the sheer number of schools that Frog now work with, we have found it increasingly difficult to upgrade all the servers out there (hundreds of them), so while we may fix issues or add new features quickly, we weren’t as responsive as we’d like to be about getting the updates onto servers.  This caused some of you much frustration.  We now have a new process in place that allows this to be done in hours, rather than weeks, or even months.  I believe this will make a significant difference to our current customers.  Thank you for bearing with us while we worked through this issue.


We’ve had an international team for a couple of years now and are already in more than 10 countries, ranging from Europe, to the Far East, and the Americas.  But our software development is carried out in the UK.  We get these international opportunities because of what we’re doing in the UK.

As we get bigger it is undeniably harder to keep everyone happy, but this opportunity gives us the resources to consolidate our position in England – to up our game here both from a day to day point of view and from a product development point of view.  We aim to dominate the learning platform market in England, and we intend to do that by simply doing a better job than everyone else.

Again, thank you to everyone that has trusted us over the years to help with the education of their children.  We’re at Bett on stand M50, please drop by and have a chat.


Frog wins 10,000 new schools in Malaysia

I am delighted to announce that Frog has won the contract to provide our learning platform technology for every school in Malaysia.  This gives us the opportunity to positively impact the lives of 6 million people across 10,000 individual schools.  How exciting is that?

In a difficult economic climate, this gives Frog a tremendous opportunity to push forwards a lot harder. I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are about the things we have planned next !

We have won this opportunity in Malaysia due in part to our product, but also to what Frog schools have said about us in England.

Thank you sincerely to all our customers.  We’ve been working in education for around 12 years now, and I’m proud to say that 94% of the schools that have ever joined the Frog family are still working with us today.  I know we’ve not been perfect, and still aren’t, but we continue striving for it. Thank you again to everyone that has continued to trust us throughout our whole journey.

Before we get to all the exciting stuff (and I wish I could tell you about it !), the first thing on my list is to consolidate our position in England.  We are now hiring a number of additional support people (in fact 5 have already started here over the last few weeks).  We are also increasing the number of people in our “today development team”.  These are the guys that work on all your little niggles, the tweaks to the software that you already use, rather than the “future development team”.

Press release below:

Leading UK learning platform provider Frog, is delighted to announce that it has been selected by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) as the learning platform technology for all of the country’s 10,000 state schools under the country’s 1Bestarinet Project. The recent news positions Frog as one of the largest learning platform providers in the world.

The 1Bestarinet Project is being undertaken by the Malaysian Government to provide internet access, as well as a virtual learning environment, to all state schools in Malaysia. Following a tender last year, the project has been awarded to YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (YTL Communications) who will be providing internet connectivity to all the schools through its high speed wireless 4G mobile network.


The Frog learning platform will be delivered through FrogAsia Sdn Bhd (FrogAsia) a joint venture between Frog and the YTL Group of Malaysia. This project is set to radically transform the way teaching and learning is delivered in the country.

Frog will be used in all 10,000 state schools in both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, serving a total of 6 million users from YTL Communications’ purpose built data centre in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

The Frog learning platform is an inclusive solution that will meet the needs of all schools, regardless of their abilities or geographical and socio-economic barriers. All schools, whether urban or rural, will have access to the same, high quality resources and content, giving equal delivery of education to all Malaysian children. The new learning platform solution will support collaboration between high and low performing schools, sharing best teaching methods and resources – helping all schools to raise standards in the way teaching is delivered to students.

Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Frog said: “We have won this opportunity because of the success we have created in the UK, both for ourselves and for the schools that we work with.

“We are delighted to be expanding abroad with an opportunity of this scale and have invested heavily into a local joint venture with YTL to ensure both this project is a success, and that it does not adversely affect our performance in the UK. In fact, we are very excited about the future road map that we are now able to provide for our schools in the UK due to this expansion. The next few years will be extremely exciting, both for Frog and our customers.”

Through FrogAsia, the company plans to continue to expand its operations in the Far East.