Orange Mobile Making My Life a Misery


Orange tell me that they think this is delivering service.

I bought the mobile from them in good faith, but unfortunately it doesn’t get signal in two places.  My office and my home.

I’ve purchased 2 x signal boosters (about £400 each) in the office, but unfortunately the signal wasn’t strong enough to boost, I’m guessing – either way, they had no impact.

I called Orange.  Told them that I bought the phone in good faith and they sold it in good faith, just unfortunate that it didn’t work.  I offered to send them the money for the ‘phone (they did, after all subsidise it) and I was going to merrily transfer my account to another provider.  No harm done.

A no go apparently.  I then suggested, okay.  Let me take the number off it and put it on another ‘phone and I’ll give this ‘phone to someone else that doesn’t work in the same place as me.  Seemed fair to me, I continue to pay their monthly charge.  Everyone’s a winner.

Three months later I’ve basically given up.  Orange are basically telling me to sod off.  Because I’ve used the ‘phone a lot (which I have, I’m permanently attached to it – everywhere except the office, obviously) they are refusing to do anything.

What is their resolution, you ask.

The only option they are prepared to consider to release my ‘phone number back to me is that I buy out the entire contract (well over £1,000) and they then stop all service.  So in essence, my number’s being held to ransom and the only way out is to pay in full for a service that they are then going to take away from me.

Rest assured that I won’t be using Orange ever again personally, nor will I consider them for our business.

It isn’t the fact that there were issues that bothered me, it’s the way they’ve treated me following that.

I will very shortly be paying this charge.  Apologies to all of you that have been cut off while talking to me over the last three months, or have been unable to get hold of me.

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