Frog4OS Sneak Peak

As promised, here is a quick sneak peak at Frog4OS.

First a little background.  We built a completely separate development team here at Frog UK back in 2011 and have been secretly working on this project.  This new version already has more than 6 man years of development on it, and this is just the beginning.  As you’ll know from my other blog posts, we are currently hiring developers at Frog as quickly as we can find them.

This is only a two minute video and all I’m showing you is how applications run in Frog4OS and how you upload files.  If you want to find out more (and maybe get a proper demo ;) then you’ll need to come to our conference on June 19!  I’ll also be outlining Frog’s bigger vision for the future, and there will be some surprises!  Click here to find out more about our conference, hope to see you there!

I recorded this in a low resolution so you can see it more easily in YouTube, obviously it looks loads better on a screen with more pixels on it!

I suggest you change the quality to 720p and make it full screen for best silky smooth viewing…