Frog – The World’s first Learning Platform Designed for Tablets

Lots of things are changing at Frog at the moment. I’ve been dying to tell everyone about it, but we’ve had to keep quiet about much of it. Even now, there are only a few thinks I can leak out. I’ll put things into a series of blog posts as and when I’m able to talk about them.

For those that aren’t already aware, Frog recently won the contract to supply a Learning Platform to all 10,000 schools in Malaysia.  Because the technical landscape in Malaysia is slightly different than in the UK, we’ve built a completely new interface to Frog. This latest version of Frog is now already being rolled out to 4 million students and 2 millions parents.

We’ve also been listening carefully to what you’ve been telling us over the last couple of years, and obviously we’ve been learning how we could have done things better over the last 12 years.  While we’ve been developing this new release for Malaysia we’ve made sure that everything we’re learning is going into this release for the UK, too, because if you have a full maintenance agreement with Frog you will be be receiving this upgrade later on this year.  There are still a few bits and pieces we need to do to integrate some elements back in to Frog 3.

Please be assured that we haven’t forgotten about Frog 3.  I’ll be blogging about current developments here too, very shortly.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved with the latest version of Frog, which we’ve called Frog4OS (verbally, FrogOS.)

Announcing the world’s first Learning Platform designed specifically for tablet devices (imagine yourself sat in front of your TV with a glass of wine and creating tomorrows learning resources on your iPad, or Android tablet.) Most importantly, this isn’t just a mobile interface, this is a complete application including content creation, that will run on mobile devices – you can even drag and drop widgets in it.  And don’t worry, your Frog 3 built content will run seamlessly inside Frog4OS.

There are loads of other advancements in Frog4OS, too, but I’ll pass those along in a few short sharp blog posts.  I’m sure you all have loads of questions, please fire them at this blog and not my mobile ;)

Folks, this is the beginning of something much, much bigger.  This is just the first step on our future journey.  Frog is about to revolutionise education in a number of different ways.  As ever, thank you to all of our customers that helped us to get here and we look forward to changing lives with you over the next few years.

Here’s a quick video that our friends over in Malaysia created:

23 thoughts on “Frog – The World’s first Learning Platform Designed for Tablets

  1. Fantastic! This looks and sounds great! Really excited about an HTML5 version of frog, it will unlock the power of modern browsers and really support the emerging use of tablets.

    We’re currently designing a mobile interface, something I may park up in light of this – how will it work in terms of bespoke designs? Does FrogOS reformat our existing pages or should we begin to consider re-designing?

    Can’t wait to see and hear more! Also incredibly glad to hear that all the hard work that has gone into Malaysia is going to have a positive effect on the product for the UK. Brilliant – thanks for sharing!

    • Unable to reformat existing pages in new version due to such big differences between HTML versions, but old pages will run “within” new system so no need to throw away any work you’ve done or will continue to do in Frog 3. Frog 3 will not go away for many years yet, Frog4OS is as well as rather than instead of.

      Re. Bespoke designs, this will still be possible in a number of ways, both for the interface of the “OS” itself, and for any site templates. All designs in FrogOS are built using industry standard web design tools, so the level of sophistication and flexibility is far greater. I’ll leave it at that otherwise it’ll get a bit complicated and techie !

  2. This is great news. It also means it will work on all browsers if built in HTML5! We have just rolled out to teachers so if the upgrade is in place for September when we rollout to pupils (and their many types of device) that will be awesome. Looking forward to seeing the videos.

  3. We’re a new frog school, having just rolled out to teachers and to pupils in September. It will be great to have the upgrade before then so the pupils and their many devices and browsers will never be frustrated by lack of performance or functionality. Great news and looking forward to the videos.

  4. So excited about this, we’re looking to move very much into iPads over the coming months/year and so this will be an amazing benefit to teaching and learning!

  5. Fantastic, always knew Frog was the way to go and this adds another cherry to an already impressive cake. I will pass around this info as well, we are only a few months away from fully releasing Frog to staff/students.

    Great Job as always.

  6. This sounds very impressive! One thing that has always frustrated me is that I can’t use my tablet to use Frog. It’ll be great to see a preview of it!
    I can’t wait to be sitting back and relaxing using Frog on my iPad 3.

  7. hi. i’m from Malaysia and i have a question about Frog.
    i have a problem when using Frog and i don’t know what to do. if i open it using Google Chrome, the Frog Bar doesn’t respond to when i click it. so, i cannot do anything to my frog site. please, can you help me to resolve this? thank you

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