New mobile theme already being adapted!

We recently released a really powerful, highly visual, fully mobile responsive theme.  The first use for this was for our own Home Learning interface that combines the workflow and homework monitoring of the Frog Learn product with the revision and academic reporting of the Frog Play product into one seamless, mobile friendly interface.

In case you’re not aware, the latest version of Frog marks a significant shift in the platform.  You are now able to build fully functional platforms / products inside Frog Sites now.  This will be familiar to schools that used the previous Frog 3 platform, and is generating a lot of excitement.  Of course, with Frog Code, this means that Frog Learn is way more powerful than Frog 3 ever was.

Greenshaw High School has already had this theme adapted to provide their own similar interfaces within their world of Frog.

A couple of pictures here to show the direction it’s heading in:


Mobile Responsive Themes

Our latest theme has been tweaked to make it mobile responsive, which means it changes what it looks like depending on what device it’s on.

We’ve been able to do this on any theme for a number of years now, but for some reason not done it on the one’s that come pre-installed with Frog.

“Why not, are you stupid?” you may ask.

“Yes.  It appears so.”

I wish I had a better answer…

Here’s an example on a normal browser:


And here’s what it looks like on an iPhone.  Note the little “burger” menu in the top right hand corner.


Remember that you can build your own themes, what Frog looks like is completely up to you.  I believe there’s a bit of code that you can paste into any theme to make it do this.  To see more take a look at our Community Site – Mobile Themes.