Now Frog’s gone all Star Trek!

Simon Nicholas from Ralph Allen School has designed one of his Frog dashboards to look like the computers on Star Trek The Next Generation (apparently it’s called LCARS).  Simon has submitted this site to the FrogStore for those that want to grab it (just hit the FrogStore app inside Frog).  Thank you for sharing, Simon!

Our guys liked it an entirely unhealthy way in my opinion.  I’m told they’re now working on a theme to replicate the look.

Click the image below to see a video of how the animations work.



For those interested in how he built this, it’s constructed entirely in a single site using a basic fullscreen theme and used Photoshop to create the buttons. The animations are .gifs in media widgets and the menu icons are pictures placed in a text widget. Simples… But very cool.

Proper coding in Frog!

It’s taken longer than I hoped to get here, but we now have a proper code editor built inside Frog, and this is just the beginning of the next exciting stage of it’s evolution.

Although this is called a HTML Widget, it’s far more than that.  Frog is developed entirely using a combination of back end APIs and front end JavaScript, and given that this HTML Widget also allows you to write JavaScript that means you can build pretty much anything that WE can build here, right from within the Frog Site Editor!

So whether you want to build your own personalised dashboard widgets, data reporting, or integrations with third party products, now you can do it just by dragging a widget on the screen and (in my case) cutting and pasting some code!

Coding in Frog

If you’ve started using this and you’ve built anything cool then please let me know, especially if it’s okay to share it with other schools!

Why am I so excited?

Our previous product, Frog 3, wasn’t actually a learning platform.  It was a sophisticated content management system, one that was powerful enough to build your own tailored learning platform with.  But more importantly, many other things, too, from YouTube type systems, to social networks.

Frog Learn (based on our FrogOS technology) is way more than that, but in honesty it’s taken us far too long to get to the point where we can make this available to the schools properly.  Well now we’re there.  And this means that our customers now have bar none the most powerful and flexible system available.  And just like Frog 3, that means that this is no longer just a learning platform, it’s whatever you want it to be.

And this is just the beginning. The Frog system is about to take many leaps forward, I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to work out where this is all going!