Frog shortlisted for 3 BETT awards again!

Bett Awards 2016

I believe there were more entries than ever before this year, so we feel really proud to have been shortlisted for all the categories that we entered.

Thank you to each and every one of you at Frog for your hard work again this year.  The vision we’ve held for the past few years is now starting to come to fruition and we have a few very exciting years ahead of us!

The awards we’ve been shortlisted for are:

  1. ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – Frog Progress
  2. Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources – with our partners, The National Theatre
  3. ICT Company of the Year (over £3m turnover)

I’m really looking forward to the awards, and I hope that the fact we’ve won Company of the Year twice in the last three years isn’t held against us!

Frog finalists at Bett Awards 2011

Well folks, I guess I had to tell you at some point.

Frog were nominated for not one, but two awards this year, “Leadership & Management Solutions” and “ICT Service & Support”.  Here’s Rebecca (affectionate known to most of us as “Red”) showing off our little plaque for the show:

And here’s a picture of some other tables at the awards ceremony (not sure why we don’t have any pictures of our own table…..)

Sadly, we didn’t win either award……again…….but, as ever, we spent a huge amount of money on the dinner and felt leaving deflated, disillusioned, and mostly drunk…….

So, same thing next year then, I guess……