Frog FDP Workshop a success

The development team hosted a FDP Workshop last week, showing the more technically inclined Frog users how to bend and shape Frog themselves.

They happened to record the whole thing live using Frog Snap, so I’ve knicked a couple of pictures of the day for you.

FDP Workshop

Frog is an open platform with APIs for pretty much everything in the system becoming available, meaning you can build your own widgets, applications, or even mobile apps for Frog.

A few random comments captured during the day:

“So….if I try this, then it should….” . . . “It does!”

“The documentation is actually really good…”

“….Amazing. Amazing….”

and just to be balanced: “Yaaaay! Oh. No.”

(thanks to Graham for collecting the comments)

Adam doing his thing

Create a Frog Widget – get Free Stuff !

Hi folks.  I’ve copied the content from Adrian’s blog (

“Here’s an interesting opportunity for all you budding web developers out there. We’re running a great competition until 21st May, which will reward anyone submitting a Frog widget (that is accepted into the Widget Store) with their very own limited edition Frog Developer Mug. To top it off, if it’s deemed the best overall widget of those submitted you’ll get an iPad 2 with the two runners-up bagging Flip video cameras.

What can a widget do?

They can offer all sorts of different functionality, from a simple word-search to interacting with external applications. The most powerful widgets utilise Frog APIs to make use of the wealth of data within Frog, such as timetable data, groups, forms, set work, etc.

So how do I build one and where do I start?

You’ll need some knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to build something useful, but for those with the right skills they can be pretty straightforward to create, depending on the functionality you have in mind. We’ve created a dedicated Frog Developer Community to help, which has reference material, tutorials and a Q&A forum. Sign up at

You can find more details about all of this by visiting and be sure to follow @frog_fdp on twitter. Good luck to all those who have already taken up the challenge!

Andy and Damien “model” the FDP Mugs!”

And here’s the e-blast that went out:

Good luck everyone !

DIY Frog Resource Booking

Ninestiles have been at it again, in their own words:

“We developed the Ninestiles order system, so that the Science and Design and technology teachers can order the equipment they need for lessons through frog, linking it to our timetable makes the process a whole lot slicker. The support staff can then view the orders for preparation via frog making it a totally paperless system.”

Click on the picture to see a video of it in action – I promise it’s worth clicking:

It looks like Mo from Ninestiles has built his own timetable widget, taking data from Frog (which took it from CMIS), and then layering their own resource booking system across the top of it.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, chaps.  If you haven’t clicked to see the video yet, then click it !!

Well done Mo, looks fantastic !

Widgets from the North of England

There appears to have been some confusion around the widgets that I’ve been putting up here in the last few weeks.  These are not built by Frog, they are built by schools using Frog.  They are not part of the product, but things that are being created all over the country by you guys!

And on that note, the folks at Cramlington have some of their own widgets, below.  These have been built by Chris allen, Caroline Forster and Graham Quince, well done folks!  As a side note, Cramlington are enjoying 5,000 unique visitors, and around 50,000 page views per day, about 5 times more than a typical Frog school!

In the first video they have an Activity Timer, PEEL Dice, Active Listening, Word Cloud, Traffic Lights, Thermometer, and a simple Testing engine.

The second video shows a Random Name Selector, used to support their Hands Down Assessment for Learning Policy.  The students names are coming directly from their MIS, which they’re getting at through the Frog API.

And in case anyone’s interested, they’ve even provided the code here

Sneak Peek at Frog’s Assessment Widgets

Kris has been putting a skin onto our new Assessment (SIMS) widgets.  Here are just a couple to look at, but this is nothing compared to what else we have.  I’ll get a screenshot of some of the other ones up in the next week or two.


These are still in development, but I thought that from here on in, I might provide a sneak peek of all sorts of things that we’re doing so you folks can get a taste of what we’re working on at any given time.  The deal is though folks, that you don’t ask me when or if anything is due for release – that info will have to come through formal channels – this is just me sending the odd bit of unofficial info out, we’ll call it our little secret ;0)