Frog UK Operations Update

There are loads of things happening at Frog UK that I thought I’d share with you. First off we have a major restructure of the business and a number of key new hires.

Guy Oliver joins us as our new Operations Director. Guy spent 21 years in the financial services sector. Because there’s a lot of money at stake in this market, Guy has had to learn how to make very demanding customers very happy. Guys latest position was to head up a £7.5M business unit with responsibility for customer services, professional services delivery and software development.

We asked Guy if he wanted to say something. This is what he came up with, “I am very excited by the opportunity that I have been given to help guide Frog on the next stage of its incredible journey.  Frog has very clever people producing game changing software that is streets ahead of the competition.  My challenge is to channel that creative energy, compliment it with some rather boring, but essential processes and procedures in order to enable Frog tomeet its commitments to all its customers whilst continuing to lead the field in the development of Learning Platform applications”

Shaun Geoghegan joins us from RM.  Shaun was previously responsible for the development team of the RM Integris MIS product.  Shaun is now building a team of people around him, and absorbing our current MIS integration team of 3 people, to build very rich integration with the UK’s main MIS systems, allowing us to provide you with fully integrated web based interfaces to your current MIS.


Jack Nattress joins us to build a Programme Office in Frog, introducing processes and procedures in our business. We have grown exceptionally quickly and this has caused us growing pains on a number of different occasions. Jack is building a growing team of people to both create procedures and ensure they are adhered to.  Jack is also introducing a dedicated QA team to supplement the quality assurance and testing done within the development team.  This process has already reaped fantastic rewards with the robustness of our latest release of Frog4OS, and we fully expect it to create big improvements with the other areas of Frog.

Our support team has grown to 17 people. While there will obviously be a period of “bedding in”, we have deliberately over-hired in this area in order to create excess capacity. This will improve not only our response times, but will allow us to spend more time with each school, improving the quality of the help we can give you. There are also some significant structural changes happening in our support team.

We have had an army of new developers join us over the past few months, in fact, we are struggling for space in our offices now and have had to introduce home working and hot desking (sometimes two at a desk) to fit everyone in until our new offices are ready to be moved in to. And we’re still looking for more developers. Lots more.

Susan Banister joins us from Uniservity (and previously Espresso Education) to head up our UK sales team. I’ve been told by one eminent educationalist than one person that Susan understands schools and their issues better than any other sales person he knows and that I should listen to everything that she says. So far, so good, I’m happy to report ;0)


Graham Thorpe rejoins us from Capita, after taking a little journey through Ramesys. Graham is currently focussing all his attention on the Malaysia project. Adam Hepton rejoins us after taking leave of his senses and thinking that the grass was greener somewhere else! As does Alan Burgoine.

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