Moseley Park School Build cool iReview site in Frog

Luke Bennet (@lukeyboy) from Moseley Park School from Wolverhampton just sent our guys some screen grabs of their iReview, which look great, so I’ve put them on here along with a description from Luke:


iReview has been part of our frog site for 2 ½ years now. This year our whole VLE underwent a rebrand and this included iReview, which was given a new design. iReview is there to allow pupils to submit reviews of music, DVD’s and Video Games. Its aim is to improve literacy skills as well as increase the usage of our frog platform. It has managed to do both of these. One of the students that submitted a review last year is now in year 11 and applying for journalism courses and is using his review as part of his portfolio. Throughout the school we encourage the use of iReview with posters placed around the school in key areas.

It was built using Photoshop and then simply added to frog using the background brick. The covers are then inserted using the columns and text and pictures brick. There is also a simple form on a separate with a file upload brick added to it to allow the reviews to be submitted online by students.

Nice innit?

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