Froggy email ban extended !

Results just in, and surprising they are too !

Worst offender for “cheating” and sending internal emails was only running at 6 emails per day, which is a lot less than I expected.

Feedback from the team and personal observations:

  1. Design and Support Teams – more able to focus more on work as not constantly interrupted by email that needs responses
  2. Development Team – less able to focus on work as people kept coming and asking questions
  3. Spirit and community in the company much better
  4. No need to sit and go through emails every morning before starting work
  5. More understanding and ownership / responsibility for issues when they are passed verbally
  6. Much better camaraderie between departments
  7. Particularly interesting, this one: people picking the ‘phone up a lot more to folks NOT in the office (i.e. customers and remote workers, instead of using email, too)

Generally, and somewhat surprisingly, a resounding success !!

Unanimous decision made (outwardly at least) to continue for another week or two and see what happens.  Not a single hand went up for going back to email communication !

I was honestly expecting a bit of a failure and thought twice about putting my original post on here in case we looked like idiots a week later.  Instead, it feels like, for the moment at least, we’ve broken a bad habit that has had more of an effect on us than just internal email.

2 thoughts on “Froggy email ban extended !

  1. A very interesting experiment. How did you arrange meetings? Wasn’t it more time consuming if you had to go round each individual first – or did you exclude this from your ban?

    • We banned one to one emails, so group emails were still allowed. Have since decided to keep ban forever, but trying to work out how to police it / keep the motivation up for doing it – it’s so easy to just press send instead of getting up off your seat and dealing with a problem. Thinking of a weekly name and shame or something like that. Hoping that it’s just a bad habit that we’ll all eventually get out of!

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