Froggy email banned for a week

Like most other organisations, Frog is drowning in email. I get 200+ every day, not including the spam. Most of these come from people in the office. Often the people sat next to me.

I’m presuming that this is just a bad habit we’ve got into and not that people can’t bear to speak to me…… I’m also aware that I’m cc’d into a lot more than I need to be for a variety of reasons.

So we’re going to ban all internal email for one week starting on Monday to see what happens.

People will have to pick a phone up, or if they’re feeling really brave, get off their arse and go and speak to someone.

Thought I’d blog this in case we learn anything interesting on the journey. I’m sure there’ll be both issues and benefits, if anything useful comes up I’ll put it in here.

It’ll be interesting to see how we all get on, because I genuinely believe that many of us come to work without a clear focus on what we’re trying to achieve day to day because we’ve fallen into a trap of sitting at our email first thing in the morning and just robotically going through it. I’m hoping that despite some inevitable issues, it’ll force all of us to stop and think about what we’re supposed to be doing all day.

Obviously, this is only internal email. Having said that, I’m sure that the various remote teams, like sales, or training, would much rather get a ‘phone call and a bit of human interaction than an email. And so would our customers…

Not a rant, just an experiment.

Comments from people gratefully received. Anyone tried this before?


2 thoughts on “Froggy email banned for a week

  1. This is going to be a really interesting week – I’m looking forward to seeing how people cope with not being able to use the tool that they so readily rely on. Although to really make it work, we should probably ban headphones too!! They also put up that barrier to communication.

  2. So far, so good. Much more vibrant feel in the office, people talking a lot more, folks sat at each others desks. I even overheard a meeting, of sorts, going on in the toilets yesterday, which is a first !

    Not confirmed yet, but it feels like responsibility is being passed better from person to person – it’s easy to send an email and drop responsibility, not knowing that the other person has picked it up. Also the person on the receiving end has more engagement with the problem, instead of just words on a screen – issues seem more real and personal instead of just being a pain. Difficult to say so far just from overhearing things, but I’m pleasantly surprised how well it’s gone so far !

    Now to check the email logs to see if anyone is cheating………

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