Create a Frog Widget – get Free Stuff !

Hi folks.  I’ve copied the content from Adrian’s blog (

“Here’s an interesting opportunity for all you budding web developers out there. We’re running a great competition until 21st May, which will reward anyone submitting a Frog widget (that is accepted into the Widget Store) with their very own limited edition Frog Developer Mug. To top it off, if it’s deemed the best overall widget of those submitted you’ll get an iPad 2 with the two runners-up bagging Flip video cameras.

What can a widget do?

They can offer all sorts of different functionality, from a simple word-search to interacting with external applications. The most powerful widgets utilise Frog APIs to make use of the wealth of data within Frog, such as timetable data, groups, forms, set work, etc.

So how do I build one and where do I start?

You’ll need some knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to build something useful, but for those with the right skills they can be pretty straightforward to create, depending on the functionality you have in mind. We’ve created a dedicated Frog Developer Community to help, which has reference material, tutorials and a Q&A forum. Sign up at

You can find more details about all of this by visiting and be sure to follow @frog_fdp on twitter. Good luck to all those who have already taken up the challenge!

Andy and Damien “model” the FDP Mugs!”

And here’s the e-blast that went out:

Good luck everyone !

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