Frog does Red Nose Day

The Froggies have done another day of dress up for Red Nose Day, and everyone’s really gone for it this year !

Here they are all together:

We knew the support team were all coming in as Pirates, but bringing their own ship was a bit of a surprise !

Our product team (that’s young Mr. Bantin in the Shaun the Sheep costume, btw):

From right to left we have the Joker, a mousy woman, and Bob, our Sales Director, and to be honest, most people in the office were pretty upset that he’d made no effort to dress up for today…

If you suffer from a nervous disposition, I suggest you leave this blog post here…

Pete is auctioning off to the highest bidder the opportunity to put his make up on, and in his own words, “here’s a sneaky peak, come on I need to be made up”

I’m sorry you had to see that.

One thought on “Frog does Red Nose Day

  1. I’m a cat not a mouse ha ha!
    I have a picture of Pete with his make up on if you want it Gareth? Ian Duck was the highest bidder at £10!

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