Frog Developer Platform

Things have moved on since my last post on the Frog Developer Platform (FDP) – The FDP is the part of Frog that allows you to extend the product yourself, any way you like.

So, what can I do with the FDP?

– you can program in Frog
– create databases
– code your own widgets
– access the Frog database from your own software solutions (web servers, reporting systems, whatever)
– and fully integrate your own web applications inside Frog

We now have a dedicated site, where you can find an API reference, tutorials, and a community where you can ask and answer questions, in effect a direct line into our development team.

This site hasn’t yet been publicly announced, but it already has more than 100 active users.  Even better, you guys are starting to help each other with your questions and work together on things (which is great because I was concerned that this might cause a significant drag on our own development team, so thank you very much)

We are also running FDP courses for those that are interested (contact

As well as schools we now have a growing bank of industry partners that have been using the FDP (and again, some of them helping out our customers with technical question, thank you !!)  The four partners with the most comprehensive integration so far are, Vivo, Oliver, Trust-e, and Google.

Frog schools have already built widgets for Single Sign On into Microsoft Outlook Web Access (well done !), CMIS E-Portal, and I’m told one school has almost got their Moodle system integrated.

It’s early days, but things are looking very exciting.  It was my hope that this would develop a momentum of it’s own and that schools wouldn’t be afraid to get stuck in and start doing some exciting things.  It’s through this that we can all benefit from significantly accelerated developments.  And it looks like it’s already starting to happen.

Well done folks !!

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