Frog finalists at Bett Awards 2011

Well folks, I guess I had to tell you at some point.

Frog were nominated for not one, but two awards this year, “Leadership & Management Solutions” and “ICT Service & Support”.  Here’s Rebecca (affectionate known to most of us as “Red”) showing off our little plaque for the show:

And here’s a picture of some other tables at the awards ceremony (not sure why we don’t have any pictures of our own table…..)

Sadly, we didn’t win either award……again…….but, as ever, we spent a huge amount of money on the dinner and felt leaving deflated, disillusioned, and mostly drunk…….

So, same thing next year then, I guess……

One thought on “Frog finalists at Bett Awards 2011

  1. We may have left feeling disillusioned and deflated (and drunk) – but what makes us froggies so great is that we’re resilient. We know that we’ll all get back to work and continue coming up with brilliant ideas that will revolutionise the way technology is used in learning.
    It’s nice to win awards, but our internal fires are stoked more when we don’t!!

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