Sssshhhhh…..You wanna Pink Frog Hoodie ?

We’re not putting any of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity hoodies on our web site for sale, but for those that follow my twitter or blog, try contacting and they might send you one if you ask them nicely

Pink Hoodies (modelled here by Kate at Bett) are £25 and every penny of profit goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer – they all come with an individually numbered certificate and we’ve only run 500

And the Blue hoodies (modelled here by Karl), are £20 each:

Other than this they won’t be available until our June conference (assuming there are any left, we only had 500 made and a good lump of those went at Bett)

Good luck !!

3 thoughts on “Sssshhhhh…..You wanna Pink Frog Hoodie ?

  1. Elaine, my co-director, was over to the Frog stand like a shot to get her pink & diamante hoodie! Really great idea Gareth with profits going to a fantastic cause…not to mention they look fab!

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