Frog at Bett 2011

Thought I’d post a few piccies from our visit to Bett this year.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that Frog was the busiest stand at the Bett show this year.  People collected more than 6,000 bags from us, they’d have taken more but we ran out !!

We had 14 pods running, and there was a demo running on every single one pretty much every minute of every day (except Saturday, which was typically quiet).  And on top of this we were having to buddy people up so we could demo to more than group at a time.

Frog Scotland made an appearance in traditional dress:

As did Frog Netherlands (the one in the Pink hoodie that’s very comfortable with his sexuality):

I met Sir Bob Geldof (sorry about the sticker on the back Bob, someone must have got carried away):

I even did a few demos myself – one of me here showing off the new mobile app and the new menu dock and desktop interface (background picture is of my kids playing guitars):

It was exhausting, day and night, but everyone’s face was as smiley as ever, well done everyone for your unshakeable energy and passion – thank you:

Although on occasion it clearly got too much for some people.  Spending all day talking to one person after another, after another, after another, eventually it all becomes a bit of a blur and you don’t always notice who you’re speaking to:

And some of the boys couldn’t help but “Frog” anything and everything in their wake (apologies if you were “Frogged” and took offence):

And even on the bus ride home you couldn’t get away from Frog – Frog bags were everywhere !

One thought on “Frog at Bett 2011

  1. Excellent post Gareth! Love the bus stop photo – Frog really was well and truely everywhere! I saw one at Kings Cross station on my way home.
    Looking forwards to BETT 2012!

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