Widget has been Kidnapped !!

I received this e-mail back in January:

We have the Bear!

You have 1 week to to come up with 1 million Dollars OR 1 Frog Hoodie before we start sending you Bear body parts!!

We asked for a proof of life before sending a hoodie, but we received no response.  Many months have now gone by and we fear the worst.

We believe he was taken by a Moodle fan called Don (not sure that was his real name…).  Don, we want him back !!

8 thoughts on “Widget has been Kidnapped !!

  1. Gareth, it’s true. I saw him several days ago being taken into a black cab near Waterloo. At first I thought nothing of it, but I did find it odd that Widget was in London with a shifty looking guy in a teeshirt emblazened with ‘TFI OSS’…

  2. Maybe he wants to wear it, infiltrate Frog HQ pretending to be ‘one the LAMP guys’ and take all of the Frog secrets to improve Moodle functionality and design?

  3. Maybe your inflitrator is closer than you think!! Yes Gareth, you recruited me in good faith but I have been sent her to accomplish my mission (Mmmmmwwwwwaaaahhh hah, ha, ha ha – villainous laughing).

    The bear has no place in a Froggy world – he must be culled!!!

    Head of Marketing @ FrogTrade

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