Where’s My Frog ?

The guys in our product design team have been beavering away on a new Customer Information Portal (CIP) over the holidays.  It won’t be properly released until some time around Bett, but I thought this was so impressive that I’d show you a few piccies.

Basically, the CIP will show new customers exactly where their Frog system is in the build process, allowing you to track exactly what status you’re at from the point of order until you have your own fully bespoke system built and you’ve been trained on it.  In the image below you can see that this school’s system is currently being designed.  On the screen you can see the designs that have been provided for review, and details about the designer that’s working on the project and how to contact him, in this case, young Mr. Tom, one of the longest standing Froggies, having been here for nearly four years.

In the next image you can see that the order has been placed and we’ve sent out the initial documentation.  There is also a digital copy of this documentation made available through the site

And once your system is delivered, built, and you’ve been trained and handed the keys, you’ll have access to our new community site, coming some time in September / October 2010:

Hopefully by then they’ll have got rid of the pink and made it look tasteful…….

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