Froggy World Cup Fever

A few schools are using Frog to build their own World Cup portals and catch the buzz to get the kids engaged, which is a great idea.

Here’s a pic of Costello’s Portal – it gives students and teachers the latest match reports, tutor time activities, news, forums, all sorts of bits and pieces.  And Dominic, with a fancy new hair-do by the look of it.

de Ferrers in Staffordshire have a World Cup quiz, and pages where they can view facts and stats about the World Cup finalist countries and the South African stadiums in their interactive Google Maps mashup.

For more details on this, see the de Ferrers blog at It looks like de Ferrers did the same thing with the election.

This is a fantastic way of making learning relevant, and of engaging students (and their parents) with learning.  Well done to both schools !!

Not seen any Wimbledon portals yet, though, but then I didn’t realise Wimbledon was on until last night….

One thought on “Froggy World Cup Fever

  1. Thanks for the mention, Gareth -students loved it and are still posting their views and voting: England top to win, followed by Spain (!) and Brazil…

    We loved the ease with which we can embed things in Frog and still make it engaging and great to look at!

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