Frog National Learning Platform Conference 2010

Well it’s nearly here !!

If everyone turns up there’ll be over 700 people at the conference in Manchester tomorrow !!  If anyone hasn’t booked their place yet, feel free to just arrive on the day, there are always a few folk that don’t turn up and I’m sure we’ll be able to look after you !!

It promises to be an exciting day, this is a large conference nowadays by anyone’s standards.  Most people there are from secondary schools, but this year we have a large number of local authorities attending, a lot of international interest, and a lot of national press.

Hope to see you all there, it’s always a fun day (and night !) and always a real eye opener to see what the leading schools are achieving.

If you can’t make it, then follow us on twitter with #frog10.  We’ll try to make some videos available as soon as we can, too.  But you’d be better off just getting a train booked right now !!

For more details on what’s going on on click here.

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