Frog 1 – Volcano 0

Just received this e-mail from Nat in the office, thought I’d pass it on:

“One of our schools (The Judd School in Kent) have been stranded in the USA whilst on a ski trip to Vermont because of the volcanic ash cloud. BUT we are really pleased to say that because they have Frog they are still managing to continue with lessons and are also using it to update parents!

Virginia Quigley, IT Manager, at the School has been in touch with us from America to let us know about the situation and said that she is using her laptop to keep staff updated via their frog website ( she said that she couldn’t have done this without Frog.

They also have a day-by-day journal within the portal for parents to see what has been happening during the trip. It was supposed to be for video clips of skiing but has now been extended to show what they are doing with the students. They are due to start lessons with material supplied by our teachers in the UK – maybe not so good news for the students

Let’s hope that they can return home safely from their adventure very soon!”

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