Suits you, sir!

John Walker returned to Frog after a few months sampling another business and we’re really glad to have him back.

Because he’s been here before, the development team decided to dress up in suits (for the first time ever – and I’m sure there was at least one school uniform in the line up!) in a prank to convince John that we’d all started dressing up professionally since he was last here.  The support team and various other folks around the business soon joined in.

I arrived into work yesterday to be met by a sea of suits, which sent a shudder down my spine, to be honest…..

Anyway, some pennies have been donated by the folks at Frog to both Cancer Research UK, and Diabetes UK.

In case you’re wondering, no, sorry, I didn’t come in in a suit – I had to go somewhere that day – if I’d have been in the office all day and not had to meet a customer, I would have put a suit on for a laugh…..

I’m told the objective was to get John to come in to work today wearing a suit, but apparently he doesn’t own a tie, so he’s in his jeans.

2 thoughts on “Suits you, sir!

  1. I had to laugh @ the post Gareth, I too suffer from a deep oversion to suits & all things ‘Suity’ It’s become a long standing joke @ Bideford. In 14 years I’ve never been known (Or seen) wearing a suit or tie.
    Frankly it does not compute. You’ve just got to be happy in your skin to function 100%, so if that means I trawl into work looking like I’ve just come back from a surf down the beach then so beit. I get the job done.

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