Sneak Peek at Frog’s Assessment Widgets

Kris has been putting a skin onto our new Assessment (SIMS) widgets.  Here are just a couple to look at, but this is nothing compared to what else we have.  I’ll get a screenshot of some of the other ones up in the next week or two.


These are still in development, but I thought that from here on in, I might provide a sneak peek of all sorts of things that we’re doing so you folks can get a taste of what we’re working on at any given time.  The deal is though folks, that you don’t ask me when or if anything is due for release – that info will have to come through formal channels – this is just me sending the odd bit of unofficial info out, we’ll call it our little secret ;0)

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at Frog’s Assessment Widgets

  1. Great progress being made to meet 2010 reporting to parents agenda. All the snapshots look fantastic and are elements of Frog that all users could adopt. Well done all.

    If in doubt practice surfing

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