Songs in Code

I found out today that the twitter trending topic of Songs in Code back in August was actually started by our lot.  Apparently the Frog development team dragged the IT industry to its knees for two days writing bits of code that were essentially cryptic clues for songs.  This got picked up world wide and IT savvy folks all over the world started inventing their own cryptic song references.

For some reason, the telegraph says it started in the States, but those in the know are aware that it was, in fact, the Frogs that were guilty.

Telegraph article:

There’s even a database started now:

And if that’s not sad enough, some bloke has even put a song on YouTube:

Anyone, one here that I thought non-programmers might be able to get too:


Anyways, with an amnesty on questions like, “how did you find the time”, if anyone from Frog reads this, please post a comment to let us know which individual was guilty of starting it…..

EDIT: Steve, thanks for the tweet – background here: and stats here:

3 thoughts on “Songs in Code

  1. It was actually one of the most productive days we’ve ever had. A bit of restricted, creative thinking does wonders to focus the mind it seems. There’s really no need to snark.

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