Comic Relief at Frog

The local paper came in to see us today to take a piccy of us dressed up for Red Nose Day.  Fortunately I wasn’t around when the photographer got there, so you are all spared the pictures of what they made me dress up in.  Some extra pennies were raised through paid Donkey rides (on Karl), loads of home made “Froggy” cakes were sold, and the development team enjoyed waxing  my chest (well some of it, I’ll spare you from photos and videos!!)  Not as painful as I thought it would be, but I did look a bit like a red, plucked chicken in parts for a few hours.

Comic Relief at Frog 
The money hasn’t all come in and been counted up yet, but we will have raised a few hundred quid, and we all had a great laugh.

Thanks to everyone at Frog both for putting some pennies in the pot, and for making such a great effort to dress up (some costumes were even home made).  Well done everyone!!

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