Why is Frog so Expensive?

 It isn’t…

When we quote a price for Frog, it includes hardware, and a significant amount of bespoke work, consultancy and training. You are also buying Frog and not renting it, so you own the data, you don’t lose it or access to Frog at any point if you choose to stop paying for support.

This “whole price” includes:


A 2 x quad core server, with redundant power supplies and duplexed 1 TB drives. A UPS is also included. Unlike hosted systems, if you need more storage space we just add in more drives, there is no monthly charge per GB. This is YOUR server, you OWN it. To see why we provide a server rather than a hosted service, please see my earlier post https://garethdavies.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/saas-in-education/ There are many reports now of people experiencing difficulties trying to upload large video files to hosted systems, or problems when 300 students try to access the system at the same time. None of this is ever a problem with Frog.


In a typical Frog implementation, the price quoted will include:

  • 0.5 days server installation and basic administration training.
  • 1 days architect training for VLE co-ordinators and ICT technicians at one of our training centres
  • On-site Design Meeting to discuss how your school currently operates and what you want from your system. Our consultant will also discuss how you want your system to look and how Frog can help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals (remember Frog is a lot more than just a learning platform).
  • Typically more than a week of design and build work by our team of designers – please see http://www.frogtrade.com/designportfolio to see the kind of things they come up with 1 day going through the design and build with the customer and fully testing the platform to make sure it meets their requirements. This also includes a road mapping session on how the school would like to roll out frog with guidance and ‘real life’ suggestions from one of our consultants.
  • 1 day on-site “Introductory” training for key staff within the school
  • 1 day on-site “Intermediate” training for key staff within the school
  • 1 dedicated consultant to work with throughout the process who will project manage the implementation


Frog is not just a learning platform. It includes Internet room control and content filtering, e-mail servers, proxy servers, SSL VPN access to your existing network resources, an e-commerce engine, a wicked content management system, a portal system, a social networking engine…and so on…

Annual Costs

This price also includes the first years annual costs:

  • Upgrades: There are significant annual upgrades (this release includes, for example, social networking, a full programming and database environment, an iGoogle style interface, the ability to build your own Frog Widgets, dynamic workgroups, a sensible single sign-on capability, and loads more)
  • Support: Our support team is based in our Head office in the UK. They are available on the telephone 5 days a week from 8.30am – 5pm (you can use e-mail, of course, but most of our customers prefer to talk to a human being and get an immediate answer) We DO NOT have a first line support desk – all our staff are trained to a standard typically associated with second line – you will never be speaking to a ‘phone monkey’.
  • Managed Service: While the server is situated in your premises for performance and availability reasons, it is still a fully managed service. We look after the server remotely just as if it was in our own hosting facility, you never need mess with it at all.

I’d also urge you to look at the 5 year costings. If you add the up front price and then the next 4 years annual costs, we typically find that we are cheaper than companies that are charging an annual rental for their products (especially after you’ve checked out small print for things like additional storage).

So we’re not expensive, in fact far from it.  It can just feel that way because you are buying a system rather than renting one, but over a short period it actually becomes cheaper.  Finance options are also available with Frog if you want them.

3 thoughts on “Why is Frog so Expensive?

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  2. Great post that addresses many of the preconceptions people have. I often get asked about why we went for FROG for our learning platform when based on costs – It was easy I costed it over 5 years. People forget that it is the total cost of product/service ownership that needs to be equated not just initial capital costs. Many providers who are more subscription based in their models can end up being expensive in the long run. E.g. FROG has allowed us to set up accounts for Y6 students for transition projects at no additional cost.

    • Absolutely. If you don’t intend to use your VLE, other systems can work out cheaper initially, but if you’re actually going to use it then much of the “small print” starts to kick in….

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