5 thoughts on “Parental Engagement : 1 – Online Reporting : 0

  1. Great to see that you have piked up on this too – I had a few pondering about this document when I first picked it up in November (http://costello-frog.blogspot.com/search/label/Becta) As an educationalist and someone who sees the potential of Web2.0 technologies to further parental engagement in a more creative and innovative way rather than just sharing key MIS data I am really pleased that you have had the chance to pick this up and have a read. I do think that perhaps the governments notion of online reporting maybe a bit of a trojan horse in terms of what they would like to see coming next. Schools are working exceptionally hard to raise standards – perhaps the government are beginning to realise tha parents are actually equal partners in this and need to be held more accountable for their children’s learning than they are at present?

  2. Hi Gareth, couldn’t agree with you more!! I’m currently writing a paper for MFG to get discussions going as to the direction of Parental Engagement and the Becta stuff is pretty useless in doing anything which would have a direct impact on student achievement!! Glad it isn’t just me who thinks this!


  3. Dominic, I suspect that you’re right re: trojan horse – my concern is that the generally held view is that this is about behaviour, assessment and attendance (and it says as much in the Becta doc). Once schools have “ticked this box”, without the opportunity for parents to engage instantly and easily there’s a very real risk that the energy will fade away.

    The addition of social networking capabilities further down the track might prove to be too late – the momentum and motivation of the parents might already be lost.

    All that aside, I believe the drivers of this, getting parents involved is right – but we need to get them “inside the classroom” for it to have a meaningful effect.

    Picking up on the parents as equal partners point – as parents Kerry and I have a regular dialogue going with our son Alex’s (5 yrs old) teachers, we pass written messages to each other about homework and what things we need to help him with – the key here is that the teachers EXPECT us to chip in. This isn’t all one way. The concept of online-reporting sort of implies that the teachers are reporting to the parents, but the parents have a role in this too – but they do need to be given the tools to do it. I’m aware that this won’t be for everyone, but most parents want to see their kids doing the best they can….

  4. Hi

    while I dont disagree with you that a portal for parents isnt the end game I do think it has some benefits. For us we want to focus on the hard data like grades, reports, attendance and behaviour. At the same time we are building a parent gateway that includes success areas and achievments so that parents can have a more meaningful and positive conversation at home.

  5. I agree that it has benefits, Mike, just that they are limited either in duration (novelty value) or reach (number of parents that will get engaged by this particular data, or the one way nature of it)

    It’s cool, it’ll impress parents for a short while, but I’m not so sure it’ll have the positive impact on outcomes that we’re all looking for…

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