Frog at Bett 2009

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that contributed to our success at the Bett 2009 show at the Olympia, both Frog staff and the many Frog customers that helped us man a manic stand.  We zapped over 1,000 folks during the four days, which is very busy by anyone’s standards – there are unconfirmed rumours that we were the busiest stand at the show – we had 12 demonstration pods and there were still people waiting in the aisle for one to become available for the best part of each day. 

Apologies to all those that got fed up of waiting and moved on, I promise to get more pods put in next year!

Bett v-zine video below for anyone that’s interested (I think this gets sent out by Emap to everyone that attended the show):

4 thoughts on “Frog at Bett 2009

  1. The continual stream of interest at the stand clearly reflects the more secure understanding schools are starting to have with regard to the potential of E-Learning and how to be innovative. Personally I cannot see the potential of E-Learning being unlocked by other products out there at the moment, as they do not have the flexibility for creativity and innovation in the same way that frog does. To me, the queues on the stand are significant as it reflects the changing dynamic – people want flexibility and schools are becoming more innovative in their approaches, embracing the technology. What other product in the UK marketplace offers a school to buy into a concept of platform development like FROG, moving away from generic packages??

  2. Thanks Dominic. I agree, schools seem to be starting to understand the difference right now, and I think once Frog 3.0 hits the streets in a couple of months that this will be a lot easier for folks to get their heads around – especially when all sorts of fully integrated applications start popping up all over the place that cost nothing, or next to nothing….

    Thanks again for all your help on the day, Dominic, very much appreciated.

  3. This year’s BETT Show was astoundingly busy, but from a third-person perspective, the Frog stand was certainly one of (if not the) busiest stands of all. I am sure this will be related into new business due to the incredible power of the software you develop and the dedication of the team you have there.

    From speaking to industry experts, it is clear that people want a portal that is flexible enough to meet their changing needs but stable enough to allow for a consistant level of technical support – something which I feel many VLEs cannot currently offer.

    Wishing you all the very best for 2009 and onwards.

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