Business Social Networking

Social networking and other open information technologies are changing the way organisations work. The information needed to make sensible decisions is now available to people at any level of the organisation and not just the top dogs.

Anyone within the organisation can now choose to get their “finger on the pulse”. This creates a huge degree of flexibility. People stop thinking about their career as a linear progression, and start to think more about how they can make a contribution to the bigger machine, a machine that they are now starting to understand and feel very much a part of.

There’s something very exciting about being part of an organisation that is full of people that are passionate, focussed, and have a sense of shared ownership and responsibility.

This creates a more dynamic, flexible, and faster paced business; one with more focussed employees, that are more engaged, more passionate, and that will always look at the bigger picture before themselves.

I’m starting to wonder how we coped without it.

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