Curious about Business?

On my travels around schools and conferences I’m often asked all sorts of questions, ranging from obvious ones like “why weren’t you on the Becta list”, to more inquisitive ones like “how do you choose a management team”, or even once, “how do you conduct meetings”. There seems to be a lot of interest from school’s, especially senior leadership, in how a company actually runs under the skin.

I thought I’d try a bit of an experiment. If you’re curious about how things work in a business, how we do things, how we decide things, or whatever, please e-mail me directly at (I won’t be using peoples’ names in the questions, but please send along your position and general location, e.g. HeadTeacher, London Area).

These will all be filed in the Questions category


4 thoughts on “Curious about Business?

  1. Thanks Domenic. We’re trying an experiment in complete transparency – blogs, a Frog twitter feed (, and very soon a community site that will provide a window straight into the heart of the organisation.

    I thought it was about time we started eating our own dog food, given that Frog is all about engagement and transparency!

    Thanks again for the encouragement.

  2. I’m finding the blog and twitter really interesting – I’ve had a read of the “Why Web 2.0 is no Bubble” article. Really interesting, what I find particularly interesting is where Web 2.0 is taking us all, towards Web 3.0 – with open access technology platforms (OpenID etc…) that will embrace lots of third party development. Within the context of schools, I am sure that once the whole educational sector has grappled with the true context and notion of web 2.0 style technologies that they will be demanding their integration – something that I think puts FROG at a big advantage against the other players. What other learning platforms, give schools the power to develop their own solutions like FROG currently does?

    I am sure that the community site will provide us all with an excellent forum to work with FROG as well as schools working with each other. Looking forward to the release – next week I believe (spoke to Jon today).

  3. I’m not aware of any other learning platform that allows the users to build their own systems, but then Frog is fundamentally a Lego(TM) kit that just happens to contain building blocks for Learning Platform “stuff”.

    I think web 2.0 represents a fundamental shift in the collective understanding of software design and what’s important (people). Most learning platforms centre around the concept of an “object” (essentially, document management systems) but the central focus should be the “person”. And this isn’t something that can be addressed by sticking a few extra buttons on.

    I’m very excited about the community site. The things we’ll be adding to it by Christmas will show a whole new side to Frog…

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