Outstanding Performance breeds Unattainable Expectations

I ordered a shiny new Asus 901 from Amazon yesterday.  I must have spent thousands at Amazon this year alone and I’ve grown accustomed to having whatever I order arrive on my doorstep the following morning – without fail (with the exception of those items supplied by companies using the Amazon marketplace).

It didn’t arrive this morning, so I looked at my account and it still says that it should arrive today – but it also said that it hadn’t yet been dispatched.  I checked the item details, and what previously said “released on August 12, pre-order now!”, now said 1-3 weeks delivery – so was I getting it before I went on holiday or not?  An e-mail to customer services yielded no response after a few hours, so I cancelled the order and bought it from somewhere else (who I rang up first, and got through to a human being to check stock and delivery times).

It occured to me that I was so frustrated with Amazon because of the level of expectation that I have of them.  The better we are at something, the more people expect of us and the less willing they are to accept the occasional mishap.

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